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Do You Need To Free Up Cashflow?
Refinancing your vehicle loan may be the answer!

Here is an example of how car refinancing can bring down your instalment:

If you had your car financed 24 months ago for R194,000
at an interest rate of 14%,
your current monthly instalment would be R4,632.

Two years later, your settlement value on this vehicle is R127,900.

By refinancing this loan on the settlement amount of R127,900
 at a lower interest rate of 10%,
the new monthly installment would be R2,800
 – which is a monthly saving of R1,832!

We have all been impacted by the Covid-19 crisis in some way and we’re aware that many of you are worried about your financial situation.
Why don’t you refinance your vehicle?
The benefits of refinancing are MASSIVE!
Refinancing is a new product from Carfin where you can save by lowering your monthly vehicle installments. This is done by financing the outstanding amount over a longer period of time. We could even try to get you a lower interest rate if you qualify for vehicle finance.

By refinancing your car, you can still drive your dream car you currently own, and pay less so that you don’t have to change your lifestyle or get a cheaper vehicle.
  • Get a lower interest rate
  • Reduce your monthly instalment
  • Fix your interest rate
  • Get a much needed ​payment holiday
Carfin offers a number of finance solutions to suit you, including refinancing your existing vehicle loan. 

This video explains what refinancing is and how it can free up some cash for you each month.
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How Can Refinancing Help You?

Lower Interest Rate
Fix your interest rate for the length of your term now whilst it’s the lowest rate we’ve seen in years.
Lower Installments
A new contract may mean lower monthly installments. We can negotiate on your behalf.
Quicker Payoff
A new loan may allow you to pay off the balance of your loan quicker. Let Carfin find the best deal for you.
Get a Break
In some instances, you may be eligible for a short payment holiday of up to 2 months. Chat to us about applying for this option.
Is It Time For A More Affordable Monthly Installment?
Loans are not always negotiated on the best terms, and now that you know more, you can look at refinancing for a better deal. 

Vehicle re-financing enables you to pay off your current vehicle loan with a new renegotiated loan. Your current loan and title are transferred to a new lender and you will make your monthly car loan payments to this new lender.

Complete your finance application online and find out if you are eligible for refinance. 
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Tips To Reduce Your Monthly Expenses
Here are two simple ideas 

Reassess Your Insurance Premiums

Have you thought about having your insurance premiums re-assessed? With COVID-19 changing the way we work and drive, you may be able to benefit from Carfin's network of relationships we have with a range of insurance companies.

There may be another company who are willing and able to help you save money by finding a better vehicle insurance deal for you. If you don't ask, you will never know.

Please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help you today! 

Refinance Your Balloon Payment

When you first financed your vehicle, the world was a very different place and the current economic crisis could not have been imagined. 

Now you may find yourself in the second year of a lockdown economy with a residual or balloon payment looming on the horizon.

Carfin can assist with re-financing your balloon/residual payment so that you do not have to pay a lump sum at the end of the contract.

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Andre V (HelloPeter Review)

“Unbelievable service. I will recommend you to anybody, special thanks to Martie Fourie. You are brilliant, best service I have had in a long long time .”

Gerhard O (HelloPeter Review)

"Awesome service from Martie at Carfin.
Friendly, helpful and professional.
My financing was done within 2 days and without any hassles.
Will definitely refer Carfin to family and friends, due to Martie's great service"

Drikus (HelloPeter Review)

“Having struggled with WesBank, I thought dang, why not give CarFin a request. Wonder above wonder. There is customer service alive in South Africa. I was emailed immediately and contacted via WhatsApp by an agent. Begonia from Carfin is being very helpful, attentive, and is going about helping me to end my journey as effectively as possible. So, from an engagement perspective kudos to CarFin!”
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